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Tdiapt Charas

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Fandom: The Devil is a Part-Timer/Hataraku Maou-sama!
Crush: Lucifer/Urushihara Hanzo
Song: to be added
Quote: to be added
Age:  about 300 years (fabricated as 20 in Japan)
Origin: Heaven
Species: Angel
->Auriel(means "light of God") is the angel of fate or more specific the power of fate; she can't change someones fate; she's also guardian of the 10th hour of the day
Special talent/s: possesses magic
Weapon/s: she mainly fights with magic, but also sometimes with a sword
Lailah (mother), Emilia Justina (half sister), Nord Justina (step father)
Job: in Japan she's helping out in a library and sometimes singing in bars etc.

Character: Auriel is in general a rather kind and caring angel who believes everyone has some good in them, so she’s willing to give everyone a chance and even trusts demons if they prove they’re to be trusted. However, if you anger her she tends to react rather furious and stubborn, given that her whole character is rather emotional.
She also used to have a close relationship with her mother and even often helped her with her plans, until the both fled to Japan.

Auriel grew up rather normal, though she didn’t know who her father was. At a pretty young age she met Satan, though she barely remembers, her mother only told her they got along quite well. Some years later she met young Lucifer while he still lived in heaven as an archangel. At first they didn’t get along well due to him being rather bored of his duties than feeling honoured, but in time she fell in love with him. Even though he never said it, Auriel was pretty sure he felt the same, until he decided to abandon his job, becoming a fallen angel and joining Satan.
Even though she was rather shocked and disappointed he left without a warning, she pulled herself together, helping her mother with her plans, so when Lailah had to leave, so did Auriel. In Japan they stayed together at first, pretending to be Britains, but soon after the young angel rather felt like living alone, leaving her past behind and completely starting over. So she found herself an apartment and started working in library with which she didn’t earn much money, but it was enough to live a simple life. Since some people discovered she has a rather pretty singing voice, she also performs in some clubs and bars sometimes to earn a little extra.

Likes: silence, helping others, peace, warmth, chocolate, music, singing, dancing, her freedom
Dislikes: war, traitors, cold, being locked-in
Other: /
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: white

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Re: Tdiapt Charas

Beitrag  Pantherpfote am Fr 14 Dez 2018, 08:04

Name: Azriel / Asuka Okami
Age: ??? / 21
Species: Demon

- Shapeshifting; she's best at anything between her human form and her wolf form, though she can theoretically shift into any form she wants
-- Limits: The more advanced the changes, the more difficult they are and the more magic they need. Small things like eye colors, fangs, claws are almost effortless and only need magic to change into them, but barely any to sustain them; (functional) wings are a bit harder and need some energy to stay; anything that is vastly bigger or more massive (or smaller/lighter) than her typical forms need lots of magical energy and are very hard to do
- Fire Magic
Weapons: She prefers tooth and claw, or for long range, magic; she can somewhat fight "normal", clawless hand-to-hand, too
Important people: Maou, Alsiel, her dogs

Job: In Japan, she works as an actress and model; before that, she fought in Alciel's army

Looks: As a shapeshifter, they're bound to change, though she does have some natural or preferred forms. And in the human world, she's locked into her usual human form.
- Human: In her preferred human form, she's quite tall for a girl. She has long, thick black hair that she usually wears as a braid, reaching down to her butt. Especially noticeable are her bright red eyes with slit pupils. This is the one she's locked into in the human world; in the demon world, she usually used this one - with some modification, like changing her eyecolor and making her pupils round - to blend in with a human crowd and attack from within. She can still howl or growl in this form, but not as well (unless she shifts parts of her head, vocal cords, etc)
- "Werewolf": Her preferred form for fighting, and often also just generally her preferred form. This one is far taller than her human form, and covered in black fur. She still has five fingers and toes, with sharp claws on all of them; this form is suited for both bipedal movement, allowing her to use her front claws to fight or to use tools, and quadrupedal movement, giving her more speed. Her head becomes very wolfish, and while she can speak in that form, it sounds very hoarse and rough compared to more human forms.
- Wolf: This form looks like a fairly large black wolf, though her fangs might be a little too long and her claws a little too sharp to perfectly mimic normal wolves. The main giveaway are her eyes, though, as they are still red with slitted pupils. Theoretically, she shouldn't be able to speak in this form; however, if she wants to, she can subtly change her snout and vocal apparatus to allow for actual speech.

Noticeable traits: Even when she looks completely human, Azriel always keeps some wolfen behavior. Most obvious is probably that she tends to howl when she gets excited, just like she might bare her teeth and snarl if she's angry or feels threatened. She also tends to sniff unfamiliar things, and is probably a bit more prone to head-tilting than most bipeds. Now that she is locked into her human form, she sometimes even sleeps - or in general, lies down - in a position more suited to a canid, although that's mostly because those were situations when she normally assumed wolf shape; the times when she slept in human form were comparably rare.

Most valued virtue: Loyalty, to both beings and ideals; regardless of whether or not she likes someone, she will at least respect someone who stays true to their ideals or loyal to others even when that means sacrifice. While she theoretically believes both to be equally important, in her opinion, someone who is worthy of loyalty is also someone who will never put you into a position to choose between these two things.

When the Maou declared war on the humans, she swore loyalty to him, and to Alciel in particular. He was the general she fought under, and had she had to choose between him and Maou, he was the one she would have picked. But, seeing as Alciel was probably even more fierce in his loyalty than Azriel herself, she never had to make that decision.
However, quite a while before the final battle, Azriel got locked out of the war. She doesn't quite understand how, but someone managed to open a Gate and fling her through, trapping her in the human world, and locking her out of all her forms aside from the human one.
With no time to mourn her lost fangs and claws, she had to do her best to make herself at home where she was, even though she tried to find a way back. She managed to land a small job as a model, and later on even got a few acting roles. It was nothing too big - no lead roles, and no big-name fashion designers coming to her - but enough to live somewhat comfortably. Since she is at heart a pack animal, now without her former pack, she adopted three dogs from the local pound. The employees were a bit surprised, considering it's rare for someone to get several at once, but seeing as black animals are far less likely to be adopted, they didn't ask too many questions once Azriel had passed the first checks.

General: Currently, Azriel has three black dogs she adopted from the local pound that she views as her pack. Most of the time, she gives them free rein; they are, however, very loyal and obedient if Azriel demand it. For some reason - Currently, Azriel's best guess is that it's due to some subconscious magic she used - they behave more similar to the wolf demon packs Azriel is used to than dogs usually would, with a far clearer hierarchy. She can roughly communicate with her dogs, thanks to her wolfen side, but not nearly as well as she could with wolves, and even that is the equivalent of some pidgin language at best.

- Lux: The biggest of Azriel's dogs, Lux is a mutt as well. He looks a bit like an oversized Caucasian Owtscharka, so there's a big chance that he's a crossbreed of them; he can't be a purebred due to his black coat. Thanks to his sheer mass, Lux easily looks the most threatening of her dogs, but unless there are orders from Azriel, he's probably the most harmless. He would fight if told to or to protect his little pack, but as long as that's not the case, he'd rather just get some pats and belly rubs 24/7. Without orders from Azriel, the biggest danger he poses would probably be accidentally squishing someone when he decides that he is, in fact, a lap dog despite being heavier than quite a few humans (or demons, or fallen angels).

- Aya: Aya is a pretty tall mutt, looking roughly similar to a cross between a Dobermann and a Labrador, though a bit taller than either. When she wants to - So usually if Azriel tells her to -, she can be almost terrifying; however, usually, she's actually rather well-tempered, and second-in-command of the three.

- Sayu: The smallest and fiercest dog of Azriel's new pack. Sayu, sometimes nicknamed Sa-tan, is probably the most similar to Azriel in her character: Always looking for a fight, and never backing down. She might not have much mass to back herself up, but in the canine world, confidence is often far more important than brute strength, so in the absence of Azriel, she is the small pack's leader.

Did you know that...
... she almost always prefers her steak blue (but only because "raw" isn't an option)?
... she barely cares about herbivorous animals except as food?
... she has a soft spot for most carnivorous/omnivorous animals?
... she once bottle-raised an abandoned kitten?
... if she drags someone somewhere, she usually uses that person's hair?
... it's sometimes hard to tell whether she's being mean or trying to take care of someone, even for those closest to her?
... she doesn't like chocolate, or anything chocolate-y?

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